Research Design

Through a consultative process, we aim to fully understand your research needs and objectives. The professionals at Ironwood Insights will design a research strategy to achieve your specific goals. We use a number of research methodologies and solutions to collect the right type of data based on the analytic strategy and type of research being conducted.  

Some of the areas where we have abundant experience are:

  • Brand Strength Measurement - Measure the true strength of your brand, alone and compared to your competitors
  • Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty - Assess the level of satisfaction you are providing your customers and what they are telling others
  • Product Concept Testing - What are the strengths and weaknesses of your product or service and can it grow market share
  • Pricing Models - Use advanced models to compare pricing strategies and maximize profit levels
  • Media Research & Audience Measurement - Grow readership and measure ad recall with online testing
  • Public Opinion & Political Polling - Measure public sentiment and interest in candidates, policies and public services
  • Data Analytics - Analyze data from a multitude of angles using traditional regression models, attributable effects and Bayesian networks