Data Collection

Through a combination of time honored practices and modern technologies, we offer research solutions that address your needs. Our purpose is helping clients collect accurate data, analyzing that data and making sound business decisions. 

Data Collection


Our qualitative methodologies offer you traditional and web-based tools for reaching your target audience. As you design a qualitative research plan it’s critical to consider the unique aspects of each study. A good qualitative researcher should have a variety of tools at hand – instead of depending on one methodology for every project. When considering qualitative research, we look at the following options:

Traditional Focus Groups
Focus groups continue to provide invaluable revelations to our clients in the back room, as they hear and see participants immediate reactions to their concepts, products and services.

Online Bulletin Boards
Eliminates client and moderator travel, while gaining deep insights with an option of  video/photo creative assignments to gain a complete understanding of preferences, usage, and emotions surrounding a product or service.

Online Focus Groups
An ideal methodology when wanting to bring a small group together for a quick dive that results in actionable findings.

In-Depth Interviews
A preferred methodology when sharing sensitive information or views that may be unique across targeted participants.

Trying to choose the right methodology for your next study?
Click the button below to download a copy of our Qualitative Methodology Grid, which compares the various methodologies across attributes like Scheduling, Duration, Travel, Number of Participants, etc.

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Ironwood Online

Online surveys have become a staple of the research industry. They provide quick results and offer options not available via the phone, like measuring satisfaction levels while watching a video clip, viewing potential packaging options and ranking logos based on desirability. We use the latest in online survey technology to provide a respondent experience that is engaging, easy to use across all platforms (desktop, tablet, mobile) and simple to access.

As part of the online survey process we offer the following:

  • Sample Management
  • Finding The Appropriate Panel For Your Target Audience
  • Sample Balancing To Ensure Balanced Representation
  • Checking Age, Gender, Geographic Distributions
  • Study Fielding
  • Begin With Soft Launch
  • Check Data For Accuracy And Integrity
  • Address Areas Of Concern
  • Stratify Sample Over Field Period
  • Monitor Age, Gender, And Geographic Distributions
  • Exclusion Of Deceptive Responders
  • Pattern Recognition Traps For Straight Liners And Treeing
  • Timing – Variance From The Average Length
  • Data Checks – Variance In Data
  • Eliminating Repeat Attempts
  • IP Address Check
  • Unique IDs And Passwords
  • Real Time Report Portal w/ Dashboard
  • 24/7 Access To Data
  • Review Quotas And Marginals
  • View Data Dispositions and Tabulations

Online Samples

At Ironwood Insights group we know that online sampling is as much art as it is science.  We only partner with the panels that guarantee quality, can clearly identify sourcing methods and provide 24/7 support. With multiple panels at our disposal, we provide representative samples across the country and around the world. We have fielded hundreds of online studies ranging from 60 minute in-depth automotive projects to short mobile-only projects about sports and schooling with teens.  Our budget-friendly pricing will get your started, our quality and professionalism will keep you coming back.


All telephone studies are conducted in call centers which are 100% TCPA compliant and use the latest data collection software and hardware. Our wholly owned and operated call center is located in Richfield, UT.  This center features 50 seats and is staffed by the finest interviewers and supervisors in the country. Angie and Ryan pride themselves on running a "tight ship" but provide our interviewers an enjoyable atmosphere where they can learn, grow and collect accurate data for our clients.

Collecting quality data is our highest priority. To that end, we adhere to the following best practices:

  • Training – Continual training of interviewers with an emphasis on accurate recording of responses and in-depth probing of open ends
  • CATI Programming – All CATI programming is thoroughly tested internally and by clients prior to fielding
  • Fielding – Sample is dialed over a period of days, evenly across shifts to ensure proper representation of the population
  • Monitoring – Interviewers are monitored continuously via silent audio to ensure quality and accuracy
  • Data Safeguards – Data is reviewed after soft launch to ensure all responses are captured accurately and in the correct locations
  • Interview Analysis – Interviewer statistics are analyzed and evaluated individually on a daily basis to identify variances between interviewers and to identify opportunities for additional training
  • Online Reporting – Real-time reporting for all studies is available via our report portal; including study dashboard, quotas, dialing statistics and tabulations


Ironwood partners with mail-houses across the country to provide full-service printing, mailing and fulfillment. From simple postcards to full surveys with BRE and return scanning, we have you covered.