• Online vs. In-Person: 8 Tips in Choosing the Ideal Qualitative Methodology

    Some may think of in-person focus groups as a thing of the past; online anything is always better… right? Not necessarily. Turns out old dogs can still do the trick in a variety of qualitative scenarios. When group discussion is necessary, the differences between in-person focus groups, online focus groups and online bulletin boards can be the difference in time, money and ultimately the success of your study. Here’s what to consider when choosing the focus group methodology for your qualitative research needs. Comparing Focus Group Methodology 1. Scheduling The main difference he...

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  • Attributable Effects and Graphical Modeling

    At the Car Wash: How Attributable Effects and Graphical Modeling Clear Up Customer Satisfaction Sometimes a car wash is more than just a car wash. And sometimes, customer satisfaction isn’t quite as cut and dry either. Forgive the pun, but it’s true. Many companies conduct surveys to assess overall customer satisfaction and how specific attributes such as convenience, location and fast service may drive that level of satisfaction. Yet they stop there. All useful information, but what if you could take your analysis further? What if you could identify which drivers offer the most opportun...

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