Analytics & Reporting

A full complement of analytics tools and know-how enables us to design a solution that best addresses your business issue.  We use the following tools to analyze survey data which helps uncover the relevant insights:

  • Driver analysis:
    • Multiple regression
    • Logit
    • PLS
    • Tree analysis
    • Bayesian Networks
  • Product design, pricing and volumetric models:
    • Conjoint and discrete choice
    • Max-diff
    • VanWestendorp analysis
  • Factor / cluster segmentation algorithms
    • Latent class
    • Ensemble
    • K-means
    • PLS
    • Smart crosstabs
  • Non-verbal emotional response

Our reports are structured and written by seasoned researchers who have several decades of experience.  Most have worked on the client side – advertising, PR and business consulting. We provide not just insight but perspective to our clients.